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For February, our Meet the Artist was Gustav Klimt. What better month to learn about Klimt than the month of love, since many of his paintings oooze love, connection and sensuality. I was so excited to learn and share with my littles because Gustav Klimt is one of my very most favorite artists!

I first fell in love with Klimt while I was in collage studying fashion design. History of design classes were my favorite and this is where I had my first glimpse into the wonderfully ornate Art Nouveau movement. I. Was. In. Love. Everything about it intrigued me … the art, the architecture, the fashion, the design!

Klimt is not a new artist for my littles, however. Because of my love for the artist, they have been introduced to him many times. I have had the ‘Sea Serpents’ canvas print from Ikea for many years and they often comment on the woman’s lack of clothes. I try to draw their attention to the other beautiful aspects of the painting, like her face, her flowing hair and the beautiful flowers. I love the colors and the movement in this painting! We also had the privilege to see one of his paintings up close when we visited the National Gallery of Canada awhile back. Once again it was another unclothed women so my littles moved on quickly, but I stood and took it in. To see such a great artist’s works up close, really inspires and fills the soul.

To start off our introduction to Gustav Klimt, I got some books from our library. We loved looking through the various books, at all his paintings. My littles each quickly picked out their favorites, which was fun to see. They each liked different paintings and for such different reasons. We also read Klimt and His Cat which was a fun, kid-friendly introduction into his life and art.

For a family night activity, we worked on some puzzles featuring Klimt’s works of art. We absolutely love these cute little 100 piece puzzles and have almost the entire series! They are challenging for my littles, but also come together quickly so they don’t lose interest. I bought a few at the National Gallery of Canada as souvenirs, but since then we have added to our collection. You can find them here … The Kiss, Tree of Life.

We also worked on this silly puzzle that I found at our dollar store a long time ago. I bought a few of them and they all feature versions of famous paintings but with cats or dogs. They are so funny, but so amazing! My littles absolutely love doing these puzzles.


We are loving learning about Gustav Klimt and spending time together as a family. Check back soon, as I’ll be sharing a fun craft that my littles made and painted, using inspiration from Klimt’s works of art!

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    • Lauren

      Hello! I do still have the puzzle and I found it a few years ago at a Dollarama store. I haven’t been able to find any online, but the brand is Paw Palettes by Mega Puzzles. Hope that helps!!

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