Meet the Artist – Matisse Inspired Playdough Art

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The kids and I have been having fun learning about Matisse and being inspired by his beautiful works of art. We created a collage using colorful paper shapes and read a whole pile of picture books about Henri Matisse’s life.

When the kids get home from school, they love to unwind with some playdough time. We are team homemade playdough around these parts, but those colorful playdough containers that they collected on Halloween were begging to made into something. The shapes in Matisse’s paper cut collages provided perfect inspiration, once again, for our after school playdough time. I thought using this unexpected medium to play around with and create shapes would be a fun challenge! We used the countertop as our canvas and arranged our shapes all over.

The kids kept creating until all the playdough was used up. Their finished Matisse inspired playdough masterpiece was beautiful and so colorful! My littlest little loved smashing the playdough flat onto the counter, while my middle little liked arranging all the shapes. We have really enjoyed getting to know alittle bit more about Henri Matisse’s life and his art!

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