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Hello, hello!! It’s a new year, so we thought we would start a new series here on the blog … Meet the Artist!!

I was excited to teach my littles some art history and the backstories about some of our favorite artists. So during our Meet the Artist series, we will feature a new artist each month, where we learn all about their life, their style and their artwork. I plan to also create a free printable featuring a quote by the artist, that we can display in our art room to spark creativity through out the month! To help my littles understand the different characteristics and styles of the various artists, we will also complete one or two projects inspired by them. I am super excited for this series and I hope you’ll follow along too!

Our artist for January is … Henri Matisse!! Matisse was a very skill artist, who created many paintings and sculptures through out his life, but in his later years due to health issues was confined to a chair or his bed, so he turned to a form of collage and his colorful, modern paper cut outs were born!

I’m excited to teach the kids alittle about Matisse and to do some projects with them. I absolutely loved this quote from him, “Drawing is putting a line around an idea”. No one could have said it better!! What an amazing way to describe capturing and conveying the ideas we all have floating around in our mind! I have it displayed in our art room (printed on grey cardstock), along with another quote from Matisse on our lightbox, to help encourage and inspire us. You can grab a free printable below!!

Matisse Quote Printable

Come back tomorrow for our Matisse inspired craft!

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