Meet the Artist – Matisse Collage


As I posted yesterday, we are starting a new series on the blog … Meet the Artist! I am excited to teach my littles some art history and to create a few projects inspired by the great artists we will learn about. Our first artist that we chose was Henri Matisse!

We got some picture books from the library, so that we could learn about Henri Matisse’s life and art. The picture books were a great kid friendly way to introduce art history to my littles. Our favorites from the big stack we got were When Pigasso Met Mootisse, Henri’s Scissors, Matisse’s Garden and a cute little board book A Magical Day With Matisse. Henri’s Garden was especially fun, as all the pictures in the book were made with cutout paper, just like Matisse’s innovative works of art.




After reading the books and chatting abit  with my littles about Matisse, we were all inspired to get creating! We talked about all the different projects we could do, but in the end we were all most inspired by his paper cut shapes.


Materials + Supplies

  • Colored Paper
  • White Paper (we used heavy weight)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  1. Cut organic, fluid shapes out of the colored paper. My oldest helped me cut out the shapes + he was just as interested in the scraps cut away, as he was in the shapes … just like Matisse! 
  2. Arrange the shapes on the white paper + glue in place. My younger two liked to help with this part + the shapes were often rearranged 10 times before we glued them in place.
  3. Pop it in a frame, tape to the wall or put it up on the fridge! Admire your bright, colorful Matisse inspired collage!



We made numerous collages and chose our favorite one to pop into a frame for our gallery wall in our art room. The kids were super pleased with how it turned out once it was framed! It really made the simple collage into something special!

Check back tomorrow for another fun activity inspired by Matisse’s works of art!

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