Melty Beads

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Perler Beads or melty beads as my kids call them, are their kryptonite! We cannot go into the craft store without buying another pack of beads or a new template. They love them and they keep them busy for hours! My 3 littles have passed on their love of melty beads to their cousins too, so every family gathering usually involves a few hours of melty bead fun. My oldest is really enjoying the challenge of creating with the mini beads. They are so tiny, look at them compared to the regular size beads!



You don’t need a lot to get started, just some melty beads (Perler beads or you can find similar ones at Ikea too), pegboards and your imagination. Once they have finished their designs, you will need some parchment paper and an iron as well. Sometimes my littles like to browse the internet for specific designs if they have an idea.


My middle little created a golden snitch that turned out pretty awesome! We all love Harry Potter and but this dude thinks Quidditch is spectacular, so it’s quite fitting for him to craft this little golden snitch. They’ve also made some other pretty amazing melty bead creations, like a Mario Piranha Plant and a Slytherin House Crest. We have piles and piles of wonderful, colorful creations through out the house. The next step is to figure out a great way to display and store them!




Happy melting!!


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