New Years Eve Balloon Drop

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For the last few years, New Years Eve has been spent surrounded by family down at my sister’s house. She lives out on some farmland, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, making for some fun filled time outdoors with an amazing view. While the kids were out playing yesterday, we rigged up a super easy balloon drop to make our countdown that much more fun.

My sister happens to have an amazing 2 story foyer, surrounded by open railings. All the hubs and I used was some garden netting and curling ribbon to secure it to the railings. To make it easy to open during the countdown we wove 2 lengths of netting together with a ribbon and attached both ends to the railing, along with the corner points. We then filled it up with balloons!


When it came time for the countdown, all the kids gathered in the foyer while the dads went upstairs with confetti poppers and the hubs pulled the string out. It was epic and the kids loved it!! There were balloons and confetti EVERYWHERE! Such a fun way to ring in the new year, although the adults did spent a good amount of time cleaning up the confetti before it tracked through the rest of the house!



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