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Nutcrackers have become a huge tradition in our family. Ever since the kids were little, Santa has been sending a Nutcracker to our our house on December 1st, to keep an eye out for him. Each year a different Nutcracker comes. Yup, that’s right … a Nutcracker, not an elf. Honestly I’m so glad that we have a Nutcracker, the elves seem to be too mischievous for my liking, while each Nutcracker is so stoic and observant. He does pick some pretty clever places to hang out, like last year when we found him in the vase full of ornaments or amoungst the Nativity scene #4thwiseman.

It has been interesting over the years having the kids come home from school and say that their friends all have elves or that nobody has ever heard of a Nutcracker coming on December 1st?! However my littles have responded with how special they think it is, because no one else that they know has a Nutcracker. I love that they see the uniqueness of it!

I had plans of finding some old Nutcrackers and spraypainting them white, then letting the kids repaint them how they’d like. However I stumbled across these plain dudes and thought they were perfect!! As soon as I showed the kids, they got busy designing and painting theirs!

They were enjoying it so much, that I had to join in as well and paint my own! Only one of the kits came with hair and a beard, so I let the kids pick from my stash of fabric and I just so happened to have a few pieces of fur. Look at that snazzy pink hair!? They turned out so greatt!

Last year we surprised the kids with tickets to see the Alberta Ballet perform The Nutcracker. They were SO excited and thought it was so special because of their Nutcracker. This year we surprised them again, although they all kept guessing it was coming! 

I sewed the cutest dress for my littlest little, using the most amazing Nutcracker fabric and the Brenda Bow Back Dress from Simple Life Patterns. I made a few small adjustments like, adding elastic to the sleeves and a zipper in the side. I loved how it turned and so did she! She wore it for her school Christmas concert and then when we went to The Nutcracker ballet last night. We put a petty skirt crinoline underneath (from her dress up bin!) and it gave the dress the perfect amount of pouf!

Last night at The Nutcracker ballet, they kids convinced us to buy a snazzy Nutcracker to bring home. They all had the great idea of our family starting a collection of Nutcrackers (hmmm, where have I heard that before?!) and thought one from the ballet would be an excellent souvenir!

We now have a small start to our collection, with the ones that the kids painted and the one from the ballet! They look like a festive little Nutcracker squad!!

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