Painting Skulls + Tic Tac Pumpkin

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Something that has always been a hit with my kids at this time of year is Tic Tac Pumpkin. We used to put washi tape down on our table to create a grid, but a few years ago I made them a board so that they could play through out the house. I used an old scrap of press-board we had laying around and spray painted it orange/black and added washi tape for the grid. All we have to do is add fresh white and orange pumpkins each year! It is such an easy game and it keeps the kids busy during the witching hour.


With Halloween taking over store shelves, there is no lack of spooky options to get your creative juices flowing. On a recent trip to the craft store I bought a few of these cute little resin skulls for the kids and myself to decorate. I set out a simple invitation to create for them in the art room to stumble upon when they were bored. It was fun to watch them work on them at different times and at their own pace. Their finished pieces were FANTASTIC!!


My middle little kept it simple and was done in about 5 minutes. His skull was half green and half orange and he LOVED it!

My oldest took and unexpected route for his skull. He was inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and used our cute little puzzle as a reference.

My littlest little painted hers with a rainbow of colors and was pleased as punch with the results. They all had fun and immediately asked for more skulls to paint. I love how they are not necessarily Halloweeny looking and I plan to keep them out year round in our art room!




I hope we inspired you to get in a Halloween mood and create something fun with your littles! Happy Halloween!


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