Paper Helicopters

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One of the things that sold me on our current house was how the stairwell was open to all 3 stories, trivial I know, but I loved it. I immediately had visions of parachute men and rappelling stuffed animals making their way down the opening and my mom brain thought, “Do I really want my kids chucking things down the stairwell? What about my pretty new walls?!”. I recently stumbled upon these super simple paper helicopters on Pinterest and thought they would be the PERFECT thing for my kids to chuck down the stairwell! They were so simple to make and kept the kids busy for easily an hour or two!


We gathered up some supplies and followed the video tutorial from Red Ted Art. In no time the kids were making a whole pile of helicopters! We started out using cardstock, but quickly switched to regular weight paper as the cardstock was too heavy and the helicopters just fell. All you need to make them is paper, paper clips and scissors!


The kids had fun decorating them and trying out different patterns. My middle little made a golden snitch, which I thought was pretty clever! Our cat Oscar was in heaven and chased them up and down the stairs, before settling at the bottom and catching them as they twirled down. My boys also began to experiment with different widths and lengths for the wings to see if they could make them go faster or slower. Such a simple, clever design!





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