Pencils, Pencils, Pencils


New pencils are not just for the first day of school! Over the years I have collected A LOT of pencils. I love the idea of something as simple & easy as a fun pencil to inspire and motivate my kids- it’s almost magical! Suddenly math becomes less boring, spelling words less mundane and sometimes I can manage to sneak in an extra workbook page or two!


When one of my kids is nervous about a test that day- I let them pick a lucky, new pencil. If one of my teenagers is feeling down- I tuck a funny pencil in one of their pockets. If I need a little kick in the pants to get something done- why not a pretty pencil to get things started?

My crew ranges from 8 to 18 years old (wow, time sure flies!) and so my pencils range too. From butterflies and race cars to fun patterns and quirky sayings- there’s something for everybody!


As my kids get older, they ask why I keep buying pencils- “mom, but you have so many already!”… And yes, maybe I do. OK, I really do! But with the chaos and challenges of everyday life, I am learning that you have to grab onto the little things that make you happy.


And so, I will continue to collect pencils- determined to make my kids smile one new pencil at a time! If only it was always that easy!kristine

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