Easy Art Display

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One of the most freeing things that I have learned as a mother is that my kids don’t care if it’s perfect and they don’t care if it’s Pinterest worthy. They care that I spend time with them, make them feel loved, special and appreciated. This applies to all aspects of my life as a mother.

With 3 young children around we end up with mountains of artwork and I LOVE IT! I love it all, because to them it was important enough to create and it means something to them. When they proudly show me their pictures, most come with an imaginative story, for instance “this red circle is friends with the blue blob, but then it started to rain mud so they ran away to hide”.

A quick and easy way to build confidence and show your children that what they do is appreciated is to display their artwork. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, you just have to get it up. So, while I gather up frames and such for a more permanent art wall in my home, I decided to put up this quick and easy one in our loft area.


Materials + Supplies

  • Painters Tape
  • Washi Tape
  • Kid’s Artwork
  1. I arranged the artwork on the floor with a general idea of how big my wall space was. I then played with the layout until I was happy with it.
  2. Starting with my center picture, I place painter’s tape on the back. I used painter’s tape because it shouldn’t damage your walls + can easily be removed from the pictures. I then eyeballed (or you can measure) the center of my wall + stuck the picture to the wall. To add alittle more pizzaz, I framed the picture using washi tape, putting it on the wall beside the picture.
  3. I worked my way out from the middle, hanging up the rest of the artwork + adding washi tape where I thought it looked good. I eyeballed the entire layout, because I’m a bit impatient sometimes + I tend to just blast through a project, but you can definitely measure if you would like.



Here is the finished gallery wall! The kids were thrilled to see their art on display and beamed with pride. I think I might add a felt ball garland or something off the shelf to help balance out the art, but overall it is such a fun, bright addition to our loft area!



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