Rainbow Flower Experiment

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To get into the St.Patrick’s Day spirit, the kids and I thought we’d try a rainbow flower experiment! I picked up the supplies and after school we got to work. We started by deciding on the colors we wanted to use and then separated the daisies into 5 equal bunches. We used gel food coloring and the kids stirred the color into mason jars filled with water.





I’ve seen mixed reviews about whether or not this actually changes the flower color, but even if it doesn’t, they still look super fun all lined up in their rainbow awesomeness. The kids plan to keep an eye on them over the next few days to see if the petals change! Happy St.Patrick’s Day!!



Update … After a few days the petals did change slightly! Even this small change was exciting for the kids to see how the flowers drank up the water and where it went. The yellow and the orange had the best results, with green and blue next and the red didn’t change at all. I think we might give this experiment a try again in the future and with different dye. I’ve heard that liquid watercolors work well.



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