Recycled Lid Art

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We have been collecting and saving up bottle lids for a long time. Something about their rainbow of colors and shapes made them a fun thing to save and add to our art room. The kids occasionally use in their crafting projects, but for the most part they sit in these big mason jars making the room more colorful.



Our collection started to get alittle out of control, so I decided we need to create something using the lids. My littlest little helped me with this project and we decided to fill up a big shadowbox frame that was hanging on the wall, waiting for some new art. We dumped out the lids and she got to work arranging them on a piece of white construction paper that we glued to the frame back. Then she squirted white glue on the lids and stuck them down, however she liked.



Once she had the whole thing filled with lids, we set it aside to dry overnight. The next day I popped it back into the frame and hung it up! Such an easy project! My little did 90% of it herself and she was so proud. I love how it turned out and I love that it used up alot of the bottle lids that had accumulated.


Next time you finish up a jug of milk or have a pop, SAVE THE LID! You never know what you or your littles could create with it!


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