Science Birthday Party

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Birthdays are usually low key, family affairs around our house, but this year the boys twisted our arm into letting them have friends over for a party. My middle little wanted to have a science themed party, so that they could do some experiments. I loved this idea and right away my mind was swirling with ideas!

We sent out invitations in the shape of Erlenmeyer Flasks, that I created and my middle little helped me put together. We both were excited about how they turned out. For the decorations we kept it simple with balloons (my favorite were the double stuffed balloons) and our Birthday Bunting Banners (I sewed these years ago, to use each year for Birthdays). When the guests arrived we got them dressed up like scientists! They wore the hubs’ old dress shirts as lab coats, bow ties, goggles and lab passes (I created them in Photoshop).



I had most of the experiments all measured out and ready to go on my ‘Lab Cart’, which made everything a breeze. The scientists each had their own station, aka a baking sheet, to contain their experiments. Our first experiment was adding H2O Beads to a cup of water and hypothesizing what would happen. We set those aside where we could keep an eye on them through out the party and see how they would change. Next we did the experiment ‘Elephant Toothpaste, which was a huge hit because of the exploding foam. Next up was the slime experiment! They all loved watching it ooze out of their hands and onto to the table. Of course when you have a group of little boys playing with slime, one of them is bound to figure out the wonderful sound it makes when it squishes to the table. Soon we had a whole orchestra of slime ‘noises’ and giggles.




The scientists took a break from experimenting to create their own pizzas and sip on ‘Toxic Sludge’ (Sprite and lime sherbet floats). My middle little chose to have a donut cake and I was happy to oblige, less work for me!!



After pizza, donuts and opening gifts, the scientists were ready to do a few more experiments! We started by checking on our H2O beads and they were all surprised by how much they grew. Some were even in a weird awkward phase where they were all knobby and bumpy. Our next experiment was a Heatless Lava Lamp! This was probably one the easiest experiments we did, but completely fascinated the boys. We ended the party with the baking soda surprise experiment. They loved the foamy reaction between the baking soda and vinegar and discovering the Lego Men inside.




The guests got to take home some of the experiments that we did at the party like the H2O beads, slime and Lava Lamp. I also included Alkaselter tabs so they could recreate their Lava Lamp at home, rock candy, jelly beans in a test tube and their Lego Man. They were all so excited to take their goodies home to show their parents!


My middle little was thrilled with how his party went. The ear to ear smile he sported all day was proof of that!



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