Secret Spy Birthday Party


Both boys celebrate their Birthdays in March, so it can be alittle busy depending on what we do. This year they both twisted our arms into letting them have a friend party, instead of our usual low key family dinner. My oldest has quite the imagination and started making some pretty big plans (#hegetsitfromhismama) and after brainstorming with him, we settled on a secret spy theme!

The invitations looked like mini top secret files and were so fun to make (I designed them in Photoshop). The decorations were  simple with balloons and our Birthday Bunting Banners (I sewed these years ago, to use each year for Birthdays). When the guests arrived we had them choose their secret agent names by picking one slip of paper from two jars and then combining the words. They came out with some pretty awesome names like Neon Ninja and Stealthy Pickle. I made them some top secret clearance badges to wear and they wrote their secret agent names on their passes. Some guests brought sunglasses and we provided the facial hair, to help them disguise themselves.




We spent the first half of the party working on their secret agent skills, to be used later on for a secret mission. They had so much fun! I set up a laser course using streamers down a hallway. They had to navigate through without touching them! Next they had target practice, shooting Nerf guns at balloons left over from my middle’s party a few weeks ago (the balloons last forever!!). Then we worked on learning some secret codes, while I got lunch ready.




My oldest dude requested pizza and a donut cake, just like his brother. The guests loved making their own pizzas and thought the donut cake was a great idea, since a few of them do not like cake. They devoured it all, eager to get to their secret mission!


For their secret mission we hid various clues around the house and they had use their skills to solve them inorder to find the next clue. Some of the tasks included code breaking, bomb diffusing (They had 1 minute to pop all the black balloons. It was so loud and so funny so see them pop them all), target shooting (I drew targets on a window with washi tape and they had to hit the targets with sticky bullets) and it all ended with one big task … to stop the Evil Villain at an art auction! The Evil Villain was going to buy all the famous paintings to use a doormats – because he was SO evil – and the agents needed to disguise themselves and buy up the paintings before him! The kids loved it and my wonderful husband played the part of the Evil Villain extremely well. He didn’t break character even when his mustache kept half falling off!  It was too funny!




In the end they stopped the Evil Villain by buying all the paintings! Inside was a small prize for each guest, instead of doing a treat bags. They were things like Mini Perler Beads, a small Nerf Gun, a fun coloring book and pencil crayons and a stack the bones game (like Jenga but bone shaped!). They were all thrilled with their gifts and my little dude was very pleased with his party! It was alot of fun to put together!


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