Snow Painting … Inside!!

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It has been a winter wonderland around these parts and we have been trying to embrace and enjoy it as much as we can! Yesterday however, was crazy windy and cold which did not make it very fun to be outside. Earlier in the day I had seen @growingupcreative’s Instagram post about playing with snow and water colors inside. I thought it was brilliant and the perfect after school activity for the kids!

Before I picked them up from school, I got everything except the snow ready. I filled some mason jars with water and food coloring, set out some eyedroppers and got some casserole dishes ready to be filled with snow.

When we got home and I asked the kids to fill up the casserole dishes with snow, they looked at me like I was crazy! They did it anyways and inside we went. When I told them what the plan was, they looked at me with equal parts confusion and excitement.

It was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN!! My littles loved seeing the colors squirt across the snow and make bright little pools. Their creations turned out so colorful and pretty!!

I love that this activity can be done with things you already have around the house. If you don’t have eye droppers on hand, you could use paintbrushes, spray bottles or even just measuring spoons!

They loved doing it so much that we had 4 rounds of fresh snow!! It kept them busy for about 2 hours after school, which is crazy!!! On their second round with fresh snow they convinced me to give them yellow water. I did not want to open that potty humor door, but thankfully they weren’t too bad, ha.

When the snow got super saturated with colors, and they were tired with the eyedroppers, they would start playing in it with spoons and scoops. Their favorite activity was to build a tower of snowballs and see how high you could go before it fell over.

I can’t wait to give it a try outside with my littles when it warms up abit! Maybe use some squeeze bottles and spray bottles so that it’s alittle easier to handle with mittens on. We’d have the most colorful yard in the neighborhood!

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  1. Mar

    This is a great idea. I love your funky eye droppers too. Where are those from.

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