Still Life Donuts

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My littles were off school on break for 10 days, which meant 10 days of trying to keep them from playing video games and fighting all day long. We spent the break crafting, playing with cousins, visiting the zoo and playing the occasional video game. One of the activities that we did was still life drawing using donuts, inspired by a prompt found in the book Art Workshop for Children, by the amazing Barbara Rucci of Art Bar Blog. My oldest found the prompt while browsing through the book and we both thought it was a good excuse to go get some donuts!

I let my littles choose the donuts and we picked up a few donut holes as well. We piled a plate up high with donuts, sat it in the middle of the table and got drawing. Two of my littles used their sketchbooks and my middle little sketched on a piece of paper. We didn’t use anything fancy, just supplies we had on hand. Once they were happy with their sketch, they colored in their pictures using markers and pencil crayons. Each of them found drawing the perspective and the proportion tricky, but I explained that with practice it gets easier.

After we sketched the big pile of donuts, I let them each pick one donut to sketch and then eat. They all thought the rainbow donuts would be fun to draw, but not so much to eat. After they were finished sketching their individual donuts, they painted them with watercolors (definitely a favorite art supply around here!). Their drawings all turned out so unique and beautiful!

Donut drawings was a fantastic, easy way to introduce still life drawing to my littles and keep them busy for awhile! Give it a try with the littles in your life, its a great excuse for a treat!

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