Stitched With Love Valentines

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My littles cannot get enough of the sewing machine they got for Christmas, especially my littlest. Because of her love for sewing, we decided to incorporate it into making her Valentines! One year for Halloween we put together some little treat bags to hand out, that were sewn paper pouches. They were easy to put together and the kids loved helping with the steps. For my little’s Valentines we thought it would be fun to recreate something similar and I have to say they turned out pretty cute!

You can find the complete step by step and materials list here.

We made them almost exactly the same, except we used a zig-zag stitch and added a tag to the top when we sewed the bags closed. My little was so excited to use the sewing machine! She did such a great job at keeping her lines straight and her speed steady.

She decorated the front of the pouches using a super cute stamp that I found in the dollar section at Micheal’s and a fun ombre ink pad. The cross stitched heart stamp went perfectly with her stitched Valentine theme!

Next, she addressed all the Valentines on the back side. You can see that the bobbin color is different … we weren’t too picky when making these, when the thread ran out we just grabbed another bobbin and continued on. It gave the Valentines a fun rainbow look!

Lastly we filled the pouches with a few treats (a lollipop, 2 chocolate hearts and a kiss) and sewed the tops closed. I helped with this part, as it was a little tricky to keep the top lined up because of the treats inside. We added a small tag into the top seam that said ‘Stitched With Love’. My littlest was so happy with how they turned out and is excited to tell her friends that she sewed them herself!

She even made a Valentine for her teacher, but to make it extra special it’s a little bit bigger and heart shaped! She stamped a bunch of hearts on the front and addressed it on the back, just like the others. We filled the heart full of treats too, before sewing it closed.

These Valentines really were stitched with love!

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