Sugar Skull Masks


One of our favorite movies of all time is ‘The Book of Life’. We watch it alot and it captivates our entire family, not just the kids. The story, the artwork, the music … we love everything about it! When I stumbled upon this book featuring the artwork from the movie I knew I needed to have it! When it arrived it was even better than I imagined. Beautiful illustrations in a thick hardcover book, definitely coffee table material!

With Halloween just around the corner I was inspired by my new book and the movie to do a craft with the kids. We were going to design and paint our own sugar skull masks! As I was gathering supplies for it, the husband and I decided that we wanted in on the fun too. The kids used inexpensive paper mache skull masks from the craft store, while me and the hubs used some plastic skull masks that I got on clearance last year. It was a fun craft to do as a family and totally got us all in the mood for Halloween!



Materials + Supplies

  • Skull Masks (paper mache, plastic or anything you have)
  • Craft Paints (we used acrylics)
  • White Spray Paint (if using plastic masks)
  • Clear Spray Paint (optional)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Pens
  • Faux Flowers
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Glue Gun
  1. We started out by flipping through the book featuring the artwork from The Book of Life to get some inspiration. Then we got to work designing our masks on a blank skull worksheet. I put the movie on in the background to help them with ideas as they worked + because the music is so great.



2. The kids started painting their masks white with the acrylic paint. For the plastic masks, I took them outside + gave them a few coats of white spray paint.

3. Once the masks were dry, we drew on some designs lightly with pencil. Then we painted the masks + the dowels. For the smaller details we used black + silver Sharpie paint pens. They worked fabulously! The kids finished theirs in about an hour, while the hubs and I worked on ours for a few days. We were just having too much fun!



4. After everyone was done, I gave all the masks a quick coat of clear spray paint to seal it all in. We hot glued the wooden dowels to the kids masks so they could hold them.

5. To finish off the girl sugar skulls, we hot glued some faux flowers to the top. To give them a bit of height I layered the flowers, stacking them up as I went.

We were thrilled with how they turned out!! We had quite a few cars slow down or stop as we were taking pictures, since we were right on the side of a main road. I don’t know if it was cause we looked creepy standing there as a skeleton family or because our masks are awesome … I’ll go with the later! Happy Halloween!!





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