Summer Reading

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We are about halfway into summer and loving every sun filled day of it!! Our days have been spent riding bikes, playing in the sprinkler, discovering new parks, visiting the beach and seeing cousins. It has been a blast so far!

I love to embrace the lazy summer days, but at the same time I have been encouraging the kids to do some worksheets and to keep up with their reading. To help track their reading through out the summer I created Summer Read Cards and slipped them into some cute little pockets that I found at the craft store. The plan was simple, for every 20 minutes they read I’d initial a circle and after they filled up 3 rows (about 7 hours of reading) they got to pick out a new book. For my littlest little we changed the rules slightly because she is still a early reader and so instead of minutes read, her circles counted for books read.


They. Ate. It. Up. Seriously, like devoured the books they were reading. It was fantastic!! They have all earned 2 books, just after 2 weeks of reading!! I keep a running wishlist of books I think the kids might like on Amazon and then when it comes time to pick a book they have a few suggestions. Their new books arrived this week and they are so eager to dig into them!

My oldest is a huge Rick Riordan fan and could not wait to get his hands on this new series by him, The Trials of Apollo. He also picked Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate. I’m super excited to see what he thinks about this book! He has recently read The One and Only Ivan by the same author and really enjoyed it.

My middle little is fully immersed in the world of dragons and so obviously he had to pick the next two books in the How to Train Your Dragon series. The pictures interspersed through out the book keep him from getting bored, which is perfect, because it used to be like pulling teeth to get him to read.

My littlest little picked Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty. I can’t believe we haven’t gotten this book sooner! I pick it up every time we go to the book store, but always end up saying “next time”. For her other book she chose Swatch by Julia Denos and we all cannot wait to read this one! The illustrations are beautiful!!



You can print off some Summer Reading Cards to help motivate your own littles. Happy reading!!

Click here to print Summer Reading Cards


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