The Blank Canvas

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Hello, hello!! My littles are all finally back in school, after a long and lazy Christmas break and that means back to work too. It was so great to be out of a routine for awhile and soak up as much time with them as I could, but by the end we were all ready for some structure again!

I thought I’d start this year off with something simple, my blank canvas. I bought it when we first moved into our house, almost 2 years ago, with the intention of having the kids paint it. I hung it up above the fireplace so that it was out of the way until we got to the project. However, as the months passed the intention changed too, from a collaborative art project with the kids, to something I’d do on my own, to having my brother paint something (he’s an amazing artist), to an oversized book page from one of our favorite books and finally to just a blank canvas.

I usually always have a quote of some sort up on the mantel and one day when my mom was over she said “You should change the quote to something about each day being a blank canvas, or something like that”. I scoffed it off and said that I thought it was abit cheesy, however the thought stayed with me and then grew on me.

The more I thought about it, they more I loved it. The blank canvas represents so much! Each day is a fresh start, like a blank canvas. It is up to us as individuals what we will do with our day and how we will respond to what life throws at us. It is a great reminder that we are in charge of our choices, actions, lives … everything!! So, let’s choose positivity, love, encouragement, etc! I want to teach my kids this and remind them, that just because they had a grumpy day yesterday, today can be a fresh new start and it’s their choice how their day goes. Choose happy!

Once Christmas was over, I was eager to pack away the clutter and get back to a clean home and simple decor. I wanted to keep the mantel fresh and minimal so that the focus going into this new year would be on the blank canvas. I did switch out the quote like my mom suggested, but to something alittle more me. Good Vibes Only. I created a print, keeping it super simple. I love it!! Together, the canvas and the quote send such a positive message.

It is one of the first things we see in the morning as we come down the stairs and I love the reminder that it gives us … Each day is like a blank canvas, it’s up to you how you want to paint it!

It’s a fresh, new year, let’s treat it like a fresh, blank canvas! #goodvibesonly

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