The Tooth Tradition

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My littlest little lost her first tooth this week! She looks ridiculously cute with her goofy smile and she is very excited for her first Tooth Fairy visit!

We have a tradition in our family that when my littles loose their first tooth I take them to a pottery studio so they can paint a piggy bank. I usually pick out something small as well to keep myself busy while they create their masterpieces. I love this special one on one time with them. My little miss is a bit of a perfectionist so she kept getting frustrated with the details on her cat, so in the end she asked for help on the collar and the eyes. I painted a cute rounded bowl that I plan to use as a planter. I named her Stella (I give everything names, you’ll learn that about me) and she’s going to have some fabulous hair.


My little was surprised to see the difference in color when we picked up our creations a week later. While we were painting she just wasn’t getting that the color would be darker when we came back. They turned out beautifully and Stella will look so spunky when she gets her new ‘do. I loved how excited the boys where to see her piggy bank when we arrived home. The love and encouragement that they show each other in moments like this sure melts my heart (although 10 minutes later they go back to fighting with and teasing each other). The boys ran and got their piggy banks and they all admired each other’s creations.




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