Turkey Leg Treat Bags

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This year we headed to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Since they had everything covered for the meal, we decided to bring a fun treat bag for all the kids. The kids had several ideas of what the treat bags should be … pumpkins, cornucopias, turkeys … but in the end they unanimously agreed on turkey legs! They were a HUGE hit and everyone thought they were so funny!


Materials + Supplies

  • Brown Paper Bags
  • White Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Zip Top Bags
  • Treats
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Platter or Tray
  1. The first thing we did was cut the top 1/3 off the brown paper bags + then the kids got busy filling them up with treats. Two of them put the unwrapped candy into a zip top bag, while my littlest filled the paper bags with the wrapped candies. (I had visions of perfect Fall colored candies, but I sent my husband to the store and these are what he came home with, haha. The kids won’t care, so I guess they’ll have to do.)
  2. Next we cut the white paper into 3″ x 8.5″ strips + I drew a 1″ guideline. The kids cut a fringe up to the guideline + then we cut the strip in half.



3. Take the brown paper bags + twist the top closed. Wrap one of the white fringed papers around the twist, fringe side pointing out. Use a piece of washi tape to secure the white fringe to the paper bag.

4. Fluff the fringe out a little bit + gently shape the bottom of the bag into a rounded turkey leg shape. Pile them up on the platter or tray + enjoy!



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