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What do you do when your little dude reaches the age when giving out hearts and saying ‘I Like You’ isn’t cool for Valentines Day anymore? Add some slime! Slime makes everything better!!

This is exactly how my middle dude was feeling for Valentine’s Day this year and was not very excited about handing out cards at school. That is, until we did some brainstorming and came up with slime! For his Birthday last year we made slime with all the guests and it was a huge hit. We used the same recipe, but added glitter this time and the results were fantastic! I designed a cute little label that can be added to the top of a container, to make a … Valen-Slime! You can grab your free printable Valen-Slime tags below!

Download Valen-Slime Labels Here

Materials + Supplies

  • Slime (You can find our recipe here! I made 2 batches and that should fill around 30 containers. I also tried out the recipe using clear glue, but it didn’t work as good. I’ll write more about that below.)
  • Small Containers with Lids (I used 2 ounce plastic portion cups that I found at a local restaurant supply store (200 for $7), but here are something similar.)
  • Scissors and/or 2″ Circle Punch
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
  1. Make 2 batches of slime, don’t forget to add some glitter!! As I mentioned above I tried the recipe with clear glue + it immediately went chunky + weird. We ended up adding about 2 cups of water extra to the clear glue batch + mixing it like crazy with our hands. Eventually it turned into a slime, but it leaves abit of residue on your hands, whereas the slime made with white glue does not.

2. Portion out the slime into the little containers + put the lid on. Set aside.

3. Print off the Valen-Slime labels + cut out. I roughly cut out the labels + then used my 2″ circle punch to get a perfect circle. Have your child address them.

4. Put a small dot of  hot glue on the back center of the circle label + attach to the top of the lid.

These Valen-Slimes were so quick to put together! Start to finish, including making the slime, they took about an hour. It might just be my neat freak self, but I cannot stop staring at these perfectly portioned containers of slime. The cherry on the top is that they are little dude approved … he is beyond excited to give them out!

These little containers of Valen-slimes are sure to impress even the least lovey dovey person! Will you be my Valen-Slime?



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  1. Kelli

    These are super cute! I would love to make these for my 4th grade son’s class…the intro says there is a free printable tag below? I scrolled through several times but didn’t see the link. Could you post it please? Thank you!!

    • Lauren

      Hello Kelli! It’s great to hear that you are going to make them!! The link to get the printable is above the picture of the supplies. The writing “Download Valen-Slime Labels Here” is the link (I changed the wording so that it was easier to find).

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